Producing Great Sound for Film and Video
by Jay Rose, CAS          Fourth Edition     

EXTRA CONTENT for readers

  • Chapter 9   Here's that 36-page chapter we couldn't fit in the book!

    (Chapter 9 is about studio narration and ADR recording, functions that might not be necessary for your project. So we put those pages online, to save paper and keep the book's price reasonable. This is a pdf file: read it online, or download it for your computer or e-book reader. )

  • Chapter 1 files

  • Chapters 2-9 files

  • Chapters 11-14 files

  • Chapters 15-17 files

  • (There are 79 audio and video files related to the book. They're protected by copyright, but readers of Producing Great Sound may stream or download them for the book's tutorials, demos, and diagnostics.)

  • Typos and errata. A few bugs can creep into any large project. Here are ones we've found... though we're fixing them as soon as they crop up, so they might already be corrected in your copy of the book.
  • Roomtone Generator     Free VST or AU plugin. See text.


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