Producing Great Sound
for Film and Video
by Jay Rose, CAS
Online Access Help

Finding the password.

  1. Unless otherwise specified, passwords are from the main body of the text. Not from headlines, captions, or boxed tips.
    (A few passwords are from captions, but they're clearly identified.)

    You can use the print or e-book version.

    Here's a typical access page, as an example:


    Note this is an example only. The actual description and password will be
    different, depending on which material you want to access.


  3. Note the password as described on that access page, including any capital letters.



  5. Passwords change from time to time. Getting a list of them from a warez site or user forum, instead of from the book, probably won't work.


Entering the password.

  1. Click Click Here on the access page, and you should see a floating Password Entry window. The way it looks will depend on your browser.


  2. If you don't see this window, make sure Javascript is turned on in your browser. See your particular browser's help file for specific instructions.

  3. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, make sure 'pop-ups' and 'scripted windows' are both allowed. Then try again.

  4. If you see the window, entering the password and clicking OK should take you to the chapter or files you want.

  5. If clicking OK gives you an 'I'm Lost' page, or doesn't take you anywhere at all...
    the system hasn't recognized the password.
    • Make sure password is entered exactly as it appears in the text.
    • Make sure you're using the current password that's described in the 'to access' instructions. It's different depending on which files you want, and may change from time to time.

If these instructions don't fix things, send an e-mail to Jay. Include exactly what files you're trying to get, what password you used, and what error messages or other unexpected results you got. Screenshots always help.